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Comparing an HHO Flame to an H2 Flame part 2

By: thedude, Views: 2239

This is a on going research project by Darcy Klyne and being documented at The purpose of this video is to illustrate the difference in the burn rate and profil...

Stan Meyer at New Energy Conference Colorado 1993 pt7

By: Dude, Views: 909

Stan Meyer at New Energy Conference Colorado 1993 pt7

George Soros - Open Societies Foundation and involvement in Ukraine

By: thedude, Views: 1415

A look back to a video ( George Soros - A Personal Experience of Evil ) produced Oct 19, 2017, a study of George Soros's background and exploits in geopolitics through out the world. At the time of this video, The Ukraine had recently had its elected leader removed in 2015, while discovery of ov...

David Icke - Whats Really Happening in Israel

By: thedude, Views: 425

David Icke - Whats Really Happening in Israel

Experts demand immediate halt to COVID19 vaccine program

By: thedude, Views: 467 | MORE: An international expert panel is calling for an immediate moratorium on the use of novel COVID-19 mRNA injections after discussing the scientific evidence of cancer-promoting DNA contamination found within various Pfizer and Moderna ...

Susp. Obs - Ben Davidson - The Vacuum Catastrophezeropointenergy

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EU MEP Demand Inquiry on Vaccine / Fla. Surgeon Gen Twitter Ban

By: thedude, Views: 1215

Members of the European Parliament Special Covid Committee are frustrated when Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla skips out of hearing. Members call for special inquiry as their questions are ignored. Video features segments from hearing and follow press conference the next day. Also Florida Surgeon Gener...