Featured: Chrystia Freeland - Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum

As well as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, Chrystia Freela...

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Featured: Justin Trudeau Addresses European Union and Members Respond

More @ https://keystonetrade.ca Following his address to the European Union ...

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Featured: Can Health Minister Jean Yves Duclos "Covid-19 is NOT OVER"

https://keystonetrade.ca https://modvid.com On a live stream to CPAC on Mar...

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Featured: Senator Alex Antic of Australia talks World Economic Forum in Parliament

Senator Alex Antic of the Liberal party of South Australia is ALLOWED to addr...

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Featured: CENSORED: See Oliver Stone's "Ukraine On Fire" IN FULL

After being censored on YouTube, Oliver Stone has released his 2016 film to t...

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Featured: Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden Connected To Ukraine Bio-Labs

A closer examination of the Pentagon funded bio-labs in Ukraine brings up all...

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Featured: George Soros - Open Societies Foundation and involvement in Ukraine

A look back to a video ( George Soros - A Personal Experience of Evil ) produ...

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Featured: Project Salus Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Warning - U.S. Dept of Defence Study of 5.6m Vaccinated Medicare Beneficiaries by JAIC

COVID-19 WARNING https://www.humetrix.com/powerpoint-vaccine.html JAIC is th...

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