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By: thedude, Views: 808 - News MP - Marco Mendicino /Public Safety Minister and Justin Trudeau (PM) repeatedly claim to have acted upon advisement, and received request from, law enforcement to enact the Emergency Measures Act. During a Special Joint Committee on the Declaration of Emerg...

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Canadian Frontline Nurse’s Press Conference

By: thedude, Views: 1258

Nurses and doctors come together to educate the public on the harms of the lockdowns & extreme measures which have been put into place due to the pandemic.

Holding the Line in Ottawa - Scenes from Feb 18th, 2022

By: thedude, Views: 988

This video was recorded Feb 18th,2022 near Albert St. and the National Arts Centre. Features a perspective from a protester's point of view. This action was taken on behalf of officials on the scene, prior to a vote on the cabenet order invoking powers under the emergencies act.

Absurdity of Canadian government’s claim that it prevented 1 million deaths

By: thedude, Views: 453

Denis Rancourt explains how Canadian government scientists' claim that COVID measures prevented "1 million extra deaths" is absurd on its face. View the full interview (Oct. 24, 2022) at: