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Justin Trudeau Addresses European Union and Members Respond

By: thedude, Views: 933

More @ Following his address to the European Union Parliament on March 23, 2022, many members react unfavorably.


By: thedude, Views: 665 - News MP - Marco Mendicino /Public Safety Minister and Justin Trudeau (PM) repeatedly claim to have acted upon advisement, and received request from, law enforcement to enact the Emergency Measures Act. During a Special Joint Committee on the Declaration of Emerg...

Canadian Perspective on Energy - gas/oil relationship with Russia and Other Nations

By: thedude, Views: 881

An Excertp from - Rebel News - DAILY | Life after the Emergencies Act - Feb 25, 2022 with Ezra Levant and Shielda Gunn Reid. An informative Canadian perspective on energy - gas/oil relationship with Russia and many European and Western Nations, while war time "sanctions" are voiced by Justin Tru...

An Open Letter and Declaration to the World Economic Forum

By: thedude, Views: 90 - News / NOTE: We don't condone threats or violence of any kind. If you are upset or outraged by acts of government misconduct, we encourage you to utilize lawful means of expression, including becoming involved in the political process, as well as seeking accounta...