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Comparing an HHO Flame to an H2 Flame Part 1 with Thermographic Video

By: thedude, Views: 23668

Research in development by - Darcy Klyne. Hydrogen/Oxygen separator cell on demand with jewelers torch. This project is currently being documented at

HHO fuel cell explosion (what not do do) - discussion

By: Dude, Views: 1518

This video is featured to invite comment and discussion regarding proper methods and apparatus in generating HHO or H2/O2 separator cells.

Comparing an HHO Flame to an H2 Flame part 2

By: thedude, Views: 1032

This is a on going research project by Darcy Klyne and being documented at The purpose of this video is to illustrate the difference in the burn rate and profil...

Proof of concept - hydrogen oxygen sparator cell

By: Dude, Views: 850

proof of concept - hydrogen oxygen separator cell

Pure hydrogen 24 volt separator cell system

By: thedude, Views: 422

These are some of the early tests with my 24volt separator cells.

hho separator cell 5x5 gsc panels pt2

By: Dude, Views: 509

hho separator cell 5x5 gsc panels pt2

HHO Neutral Plates Explained

By: Dude, Views: 1000

Video from Youtube user: HHOConnection. The third video in a series for people who are new to HHO. This video explains the concept behind using neutral plates and shows how they keep your HHO cell from overheating.

Awesome huge hho production pickup truck cutting torch

By: Dude, Views: 403

Youtube Earthcraft channel. This is our semi-truck unit that is installed in my Dodge Ram 1500. The unit produces very well as can be seen in the flame. We will actually be using a fuel cell larger than this in our portable hho water torch.