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Senator Alex Antic of Australia talks World Economic Forum in Parliament

By: thedude, Views: 1228

Senator Alex Antic of the Liberal party of South Australia is ALLOWED to address Parliament to discuss the ramifications of involvement with the World Economic Forum.

A War For the World - Riccardo Bosi of Australia One Party

By: thedude, Views: 729

Riccardo Bosi of Australia One gives a warning that the entire world needs to hear. Save 50% on Winter Sun Plus and get TWICE the Vitamin D power!

Stand With Oz

By: thedude, Views: 513

Bowne Report Bowne Report SUBSCRIBE Australia has become ground zero for Great Reset tyranny. The free people of Australia are under total assault by power mad tyrants hell bent on returning the heart of Oceania into a third world prison by spreading the great covid lie throughout its Federati...

The Vax-scene - Australian Protests and Camps

By: thedude, Views: 571

Plans for Canada/World already being enacted upon in Australia.