January 28, 2014

Best method of UPLOADING and other technical issues.

Hi there viewers! It has been my experience that the opportunity for file uploads to time out is increased proportional to the file size. Also .swf format seems to work the best, but most typical web formats are now supported. For the best chance of having your upload complete successfully, try to keep the total file size beneath 100mbs. Technically, the server can support much larger files. However if your local upload bandwidth is limited, you may find that short time outs in your transfer rate will not always re-establish themselves correctly to complete the upload. For that matter it is recommended that if you want to have the best chance of completing your upload, try to limit other simultaneous web activity.
At this time, due to limited resources, I am unable to offer any better alternative to the current format of the website.
I appreciate your patronage and I do hope to continue to improve upon the site given more time.
Darcy Klyne